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I am teaching a class at RISD this fall:

Jewelry Studio: Call + Respond


Come join me Thursday evenings, researching at the RISD Museum + making in response

For more info:



Jamestown Farmer’s Market

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Kendall Reiss

Contemporary Jewels

At the Jamestown Farmer’s Market

Mondays 4 – 7 pm thru August 25th

913 Fort Getty Road Jamestown, RI 02835

fall studio – growing color

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Dahlia + Lisianthus from the Preservation Society Gardens, Newport

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we met at the met

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when the old man took his place on stage and began to play all the room fell silent.  it was the blues – he played alongside a young man – their two pianos angled inwards. they played off of one another – with one another – i wondered who they were.  i looked at the old man, i was sucked right in.  his white hair – his thick horn rimmed glasses – his silver rings : one on each finger – his seemingly frail silhouette – his black high top chuck taylor’s sporting flames.  he was gentle yet aggressive and played with a refreshing looseness that conveyed his level of comfort with his instrument – and yet after years of mastery he was coy – humble. they jammed – i watched – and when it was over neither one of them spoke a word – and left the stage with little more than a nod of their heads.


i encountered them on my way out – as i was running to get my car and came to know that this man’s name is mark. sam – his son, played with him on this night, ‘a rare moment’ they said because they live in different cities. mark said his rings fly off sometimes when he is playing – but that they always come back.

photo credit: Rick Farrell | mojophotori.com


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each time my eyes focused i was delighted to find shades of the past, a weather beaten landscape dotted by ramshackle cottages – the kind of beauty that i seek so heartily yet eludes me so often – it still lives here for now, a way of life that seems to be constantly eroding

first take from the garden

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among other brightly colored baubles, these are some of the things i’ve been creating this spring…