in bloom

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hope in other forms

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Newport says: ‘Good Morning!’

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Impressions + Recollections

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About Town

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Drawn into the small moments, the micro view, is where I have found myself lately.  A summer on the road – traversing thru far and wide, and clambering to see so much challenged my ability to take it all in.  I found myself consciously and actively working to ingrain a certain place or moment or feel into my being, knowing that I may not be there again for a long while. I don’t know how well it worked as it always seems that images captured thru the lense become more a sense of reality and recollection than the actual experience of being there.

Back on familiar turf, I find it easier to name what I’m looking at – snapshots, the micro.  I am content with losing myself in the surprises of overlooked worlds.  Panning over mundane scenes looking for traces of the extraordinary.

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