adorned in venice beach

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At the stood

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I picked up this stingray leather for a specific piece I have been envisioning for a couple years…Soon to come to fruition…Stay tuned!

The material is pretty amazing, the close-up photos look like a jewel covered surface.

in bloom

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Is this Art?

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‘Introduction to Gemstones’ poster

Passion flower carved into a grave stone at the Island cemetery in Newport, RI

is this Art? compliments of the AJ Land building in Providence, RI

ornament & landscape up now thru February 26th at the Mill Gallery

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I have been working with my partner in crime, mariah tuttle, on putting together earCANDY, up now thru the end of December at Alloy Gallery in Newport, Rhode Island.  Here is a little sneak preview!

hope in other forms

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Ear Candy at Alloy Gallery

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Newport says: ‘Good Morning!’

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